If you want to sell a painting, to insure it, to donate it for a tax deduction, to know its value for estate planning, to distribute an estate equitably, to split assets, you need to find out if it is authentic. If you are buying a painting, a drawing or a print, you also need to know if it is authentic.

Authenticating is what we have done since 2002. Located in 10 countries, our experienced MA and PhD art historians use all available methods and scientific tests. We certify paintings, issue certificates of authenticity (COA), appraise value, issue extensive research and authentication reports.

The most difficult cases and promising paintings that have been rejected are our specialty. We are the best in the business.




Art Experts is specialist in the field of fine art attribution, authentication and appraisal. We work with museums, galleries and auction houses around the world and also provide our services directly to private collectors and owners.


    The first step in determining the value of a work of art is determining its authenticity. Knowing the difference between a fake and an original requires a trained eye for detail and years of professional experience. [READ MORE]


    If you have a work of art that has been authenticated by Art Experts or can provide documentation from another reputable organization, we can determine its fair market or replacement value. [READ MORE]


    Scientific testing can be a useful means of providing evidence. For more information about the scientific tests that we offer and may recommend during the authentication process, use the menu to the right. [READ MORE]